ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental

Neil Townsend, CWB Market Research Services (Canada)

Neil Townsend has been the director of CWB Market Research Services since July of 2012.

As one of Western Canada’s best-known grain-market analysts, he has a flair for explaining the relevant trends and events of the markets and how they relate to your bottom line. Neil began his career at the Canadian Wheat Board in February 2010 as a market analyst responsible for North America.

Prior to his tenure at CWB, Neil worked as a Grain Marketing Advisor at Cargill Ltd. in Winnipeg. Neil has previous experience working as a Market Analyst at CWB, teaching at the University of Manitoba in the Department of Agricultural Economics, and as a marketing advisor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Neil has a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Economics and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Manitoba. He also has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario.

Black Sea Grain