ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental
23.04.2015 XII International Conference "Black Sea Grain – 2015. Future is now" concluded its work. The conference was held on April 22-23, 2015, in Kiev, Ukraine, and organized by the consulting agency "UkrAgroConsult"
23.04.2015 In the global context significant changes of the world wheat market structure are not expected
23.04.2015 Asian countries will buy cheaper grain of a higher quality
23.04.2015 The leading exporter of wheat in the medium term by 2024 will be the EU and not the Black Sea region, as previously thought
23.04.2015 World corn production in 2014/15 will be 991.5 MMT against 988.7 MMT in 2013/14
23.04.2015 Flour exports from Kazakhstan, the volume of which now stands at 1.8 MMT per year, will decrease to 1.2-1.5 MMT
23.04.2015 Current agribusiness strategies for Black Sea region should avoid short single-loop models and be calculated for 5-7 years
23.04.2015 Members of the parliament’s agriculture committee are working on the legal framework to increase investments into the industry
23.04.2015 Ukraine's GDP in dollars tends to decrease
23.04.2015 Ukraine’s grain potential is 100 MMT, with export of 30-35 MMT
23.04.2015 The economic effect from solving the problem of grain freight transportation by water along the Dnieper can be up to $3 billion
23.04.2015 Investments in logistics and the reform of the regulatory system can significantly improve the conditions for agribusiness in Ukraine
23.04.2015 Today, April 23, 2015 , Kiev, Ukraine, is the start of the second day of the XII International Conference "Black Sea Grain – 2015. Future is now"
22.04.2015 The most significant obstacles to the use of price risk management instruments in the agricultural sector are the lack of understanding of the mechanism of their application and understanding of the difficulties of their use
22.04.2015 Promising development strategy of agricultural production could be the production of niche crops for export
22.04.2015 Today, potential investors into Ukraine's agricultural sector keep their interest primarily to primary processing facilities, grain storages and port elevators
22.04.2015 In the next 10 years grain transportation and storage infrastructure in Ukraine needs investments of approximately USD 5-6 billion
22.04.2015 Agri sector of Ukraine - the only sector of economy showing growth of production volumes in 2014
22.04.2015 During the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, changes are observed in the structure of sowed crops and logistics' prices
22.04.2015 Black Sea countries strengthen their positions on the world grain market
22.04.2015 The main risk factors for spring crop in Ukraine is shortage of financing and reduction in imports of agrochemicals and seeds
22.04.2015 Ukraine has the potential to grow to 2 MMT of legumes on 1 Ml ha of land
22.04.2015 Ukraine - the world leader in sunflower oil export
22.04.2015 Preliminary estimates of the total export of grain from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan in the season 2015/16 is 64 MMT, which is 6 MMT less than in the current season
22.04.2015 The volume of feed production in Ukraine has a tendency to increase, although it is still far below the science-based number
22.04.2015 Oilseed crop in Ukraine in 2015/16 season will be 16.447 MMT
22.04.2015 According to UkrAgroConsult forecasts, in 2015 Ukraine will harvest 53-54 MMT of grain
22.04.2015 UkrAgroConsult Director, Sergey Feofilov, opened the XII International Conference “Black Sea Grain 2015”
22.04.2015 Land policy of Ukrainian agri sector will continue to be based on lease
17.04.2015 Registration for the XII International Conference “Black Sea Grain-2015” to close on April 20
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