ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental

Alain Butler, BNP Paribas, Switzerland

Alain Butler joined BNP Paribas in 2010 as Senior Advisor on Soft Commodities. Industrial and technical expert on soft commodities for the bank, he conducts due diligence throughout the world, provides market insights, and can be exposed to represent the bank externally.

During his sixteen-year career with the leading French multinationals Danone and Rhodia, he held management positions in research and development, finance and purchasing. Most recently, he worked as a Senior Project Manager with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Shanghai, advising both international and local clients on how to improve their operations and streamline their processes.

Alain Butler graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, a top engineering and business school in France, and holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics in the laboratories of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris. He also provides intercultural services for Chinese and Western businesses as a certified professional coach.

Black Sea Grain