ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental


Agenda Conference BlackSeaGrain 2014

Ukrainian Agriculture, Field inspection, Vegoil markets, Ukrainian grain export, Grain and flour market in Kazakhstan, agricultural sector of Ukraine, oilseed crushing business, Grain Markets, Black Sea region, markets, outlook, development




Date and Place:  April 9-10, 2014   InterContinental Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine


April 09, 2014

Conference Centre, InterContinental Hotel, Address: 2A, Velyka Zhytomyrska Str.


09.00 – 17.00      Registration

09.30  – 10.30     Morning Coffee


10.30 – 12.20   Discussion Panel: Volatility Rock: Key Drivers of Ukrainian Agriculture

Moderator  - Sergey Feofilov, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine


•  Grain market: How many corn dollars will earn Ukraine?
Elizaveta Malyshko, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine   
•  Oilseed 2014 crop forecast. Missing million tons of stocks
  Yulia Garkavenko, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine   

•  Logistical challenges for Ukrainian grain market
          Svetlana Malysh, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine   

•  Black Sea region: New factors in grain pricing
          Еlena Loshkareva, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine    
•  Ukraine and Russia: 2014 crop production prospects
Мark Lindeman,  FAS, USDA


12.20 – 14.00   Lunch Buffet


14.00 – 15.20  Discussion Panel: Black Sea grain: Who’s Supplying, Who’s Demanding?

Moderator  -  Vladimir Klimenko, Ukrainian Grain Association   

•   Ukrainian grain export: tendencies and perspectives
Bogdan Kostetskiy, Serna/Glencore, Ukraine
•   External threats for export development - assessment and response
  Oksana Prosolenko,  Independent expert, Ukraine 

•   Projections of grain freight rates in the coming years (2014-17): Focus on Azov-Black and Med Sea
  Mehmet Anadol, Marvel Group, Turkey

•   Grain and flour market in Kazakhstan. Drivers for changes and development
  Еvgeniy Gan,  Grain Processors and Bakers Union of Kazakhstan


15.30  – 17.10  Discussion Panel: Agri Sector: Creating the Future

Moderator  - Jean-Jacques Herve, Credit Agricole Bank, Ukraine

•   Aspects of Ag market financing in Ukraine
  Jean-Jacques Herve, Credit Agricole Bank, Ukraine

•   Land rights registration. Challenges in legislation application
Aleksandr Polivodskiy,  Law Firm “Sofiya”, Ukraine   
•   Risk and return relationship: reality of Ukrainian agrarian sector under current conditions
          Alex Morgun , UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine  
•   Expected changes in regulations aimed to benefit agrarians and grain traders
           Nikolay Orlov, Law Firm “OMP”, Ukraine 

17.10 – 18.00    Drinks & Networking

18.00               Welcoming Cocktail hosted by UkrAgroConsult
                                    Grand Ballroom, InterContinental Hotel


April 10, 2014

08.30  – 10.00      Registration

08.30  – 09.30      Morning Coffee


09.30 - 12.30    Session 1: Black Sea Region: Aiming at New Highs

Moderator  - Sergey Feofilov, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

•  New drivers of the global grain market in 2014/15
Dan Basse, AgResource, USA
•  Markets changes in a changing world
  Bernard Valluis,  French Flour Milling Association, France
•  China expanding appetite for feed raw materials: Opportunity for Ukraine
        Renault Quach, Dongling Grain & Oil Co., Ltd, China
•  Russian grain market: Preliminary results of the 2013/14, outlook for 2014/15
       Dmitry Rylko, IKAR, Russia   

12.20 – 14.00    Lunch Buffet


14.00 -  16.00    Session 2: Carryover News. Global Volatility

Moderator  - Bohdan Chomiak, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

•  Ukrainian Agri Sector: Climate change, new technologies, forecasts
         Sergey Feofilov, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

•  How to profit from the agricultural sector of Ukraine?
        Bohdan Chomiak, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine
•   Black Sea grain's future: Promising markets
        Alain Butler, BNP Paribas, Switzerland   

•   South America: Soybean and corn production, trade, logistics
        Marcos Rubin, AgroConsult, Brazil  

•   Increasing productivity in the oilseed crushing business
        Siegfried Meyer, Meyeroil, Austria   


16.00    Gala Dinner hosted by UkrAgroConsult

                   'ZOLOTI VOROTA' Conference Hall, InterContinental Hotel


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