ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental
11.07.2014 XII International Conference “Black Sea Grain – 2015” will take place on April 22-23, 2015
15.04.2014 XI International Conference “Black Sea Grain: Expanding Horizons” resume
10.04.2014 XI International Conference "Black Sea Grain 2014. Expanding Horizons" concluded its work
10.04.2014 The improvement of the efficiency of enterprises of the fats and oil industry was discussed in the presentation of Siegfried Meyer, the representative of Meyeroil, Austria
10.04.2014 The topic of China as a driver for agrarian business development was picked up by the BNP Paribas representative, Alain Butler
10.04.2014 The presentation of Marcos Rubin, the representative of AgroConsult, Brazilian consulting company, drew an increased interest from the conference participants
10.04.2014 Ukrainian Agri Sector: Climate change, new technologies, forecasts
10.04.2014 Preliminary results of the season 2013/14 and the contours of the next season 2014/15 were discussed by General Director of "IKAR", Dmitry Rylko
10.04.2014 For the second year in a row a great interest among the participants draws the representative of China, Mr. Renault Quach
10.04.2014 Development of commodity markets in a rapidly changing world was discussed by told the representative of French Flour Milling Association, Bernard Valluis
10.04.2014 One of the most important reports was given Dan Basse, director of Ag Resource, United States , on new driving forces of the global grain market in season 2014/15
10.04.2014 Today, April 10, 2014 , in Kiev, Ukraine, the XI International "Black Sea Grain 2014. Expanding Horizons" Conference started the second day of discussions
09.04.2014 Nikolaу Orlov, Partner in Law firm “OMP”, explained the changes in regulatory practices, which will affect the grain trade
09.04.2014 Aspects of Ag market financing in Ukraine" discussion panel was opened by Advisor to the President of Credit Agricole Bank Jean-Jacques Herve, who spoke about the specifics of financing of the agricultural sector
09.04.2014 Alex Morgun presented the topic of Risk and return relationship: reality of Ukrainian agrarian sector under current conditions
09.04.2014 Alexandr Polivodskiy, attorney in Law firm "Sofiya", talked about the main problems with land titling
09.04.2014 Bogdan Kostetskiy, representative of Serna, gave some details about the specifics of Ukrainian grain exports
09.04.2014 Еvgeniy Gan - Grain Processors and Bakers Union of Kazakhstan
09.04.2014 As part of the discussion panel "Black Sea Grain: Who’s Supplying, Who’s Demanding?" the freight rates in the Azov-Black Sea region and the Mediterranean were discussed
09.04.2014 The topic of export development was also discussed by an independent expert, Oksana Prosolenko
09.04.2014 The second discussion panel "Black Sea grain: Who’s Supplying, Who’s Demanding?" was opened by the President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, Vladimir Klimenko
09.04.2014 Traditionally, the "Black Sea Grain" Conference in Kiev is attended by Mark Lindeman, expert of FAS USDA
09.04.2014 As part of the discussion panel analyst of the Black Sea region in "UkrAgroConsult", Elena Loshkareva, in hes presentation talked about grain pricing factors in the region
09.04.2014 Logistics challenges for Ukrainian grain market
09.04.2014 Leading expert of "UkrAgroConsult", Yulia Garkavenko, shared her vision of development of oilseeds and vegetable oils market in the new season 2014/15
09.04.2014 Grain market: How many corn dollars will Ukraine earn?
09.04.2014 Today in Kiev, Ukraine the most representative agrarian forum of the Black Sea region - XI International Conference "Black Sea Grain. Expanding the horizons" began its work
08.04.2014 UkrAgroConsult launches Мobile app “Black Sea Grain & Oil”
07.04.2014 Oilseed 2014 crop forecast. Missing million tons of stocks, - UkrAgroConsul’s expert
07.04.2014 Grain market: How many corn dollars will earn Ukraine?
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