ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental
04.06.2013 The 11th International Conference “Black Sea Grain” will take place on April 9-10, 2014
18.04.2013 South America: The Weather Factor. Production. Export
18.04.2013 China grain and oilseed market of China. Development of import demand. Market Volatility
18.04.2013 The X Jubilee International Conference “Black Sea Grain – 2013” is finishing its work
18.04.2013 Major agricultural regions of the world: Investments. Competition. Prospects
18.04.2013 Black Sea region. Export Forever!
18.04.2013 Export development. Access to new markets
18.04.2013 10th Jubilee International Conference «Black Sea Grain – 2013» continues its work
17.04.2013 Investment potential of agrarian sector
17.04.2013 The first day of the X Jubilee International Conference «Black Sea Grain – 2013» ended
17.04.2013 Grain logistics from the Black Sea region: How to feed the world?
17.04.2013 What awaits exporters in the new season - an increase or decrease in trashipment rates?
17.04.2013 The role and place of the Dnieper River in the context of Ukraine's grain logistics
17.04.2013 Railroad grain transportation system in the Black Sea countries is shifting towards export
17.04.2013 Railroad transportation of grain: How will grain be delivered for export from Ukraine in 10 years?
17.04.2013 Financial crisis: main reasons and solutions
17.04.2013 The prospects of grain and oilseed crops yield in the current year
17.04.2013 The impact of drought in the Black Sea region in 2012/12 season
17.04.2013 The scenarios of Black Sea region oilseed market
17.04.2013 Latest trends in Ukrainian grain market
17.04.2013 X Jubilee International Conference «Black Sea Grain 2013» began its session
16.04.2013 Today will take place a Workshop «Price Risk Management tools and hedging strategies for the CIS Grain Market» by CME Group
15.04.2013 Global ag market: Trends in investment policies
11.04.2013 Black Sea region expects recovery of grain production
10.04.2013 750 Participants have already registered for the X International Conference “Black Sea Grain: Export Forever!”
10.04.2013 Ukraine increases efficiency of grain hoppers using by means of route shipments
09.04.2013 Financing agricultural business in a highly competitive environment
08.04.2013 Ukraine. As of April,05 spring grains were sown on the area of 876 Th ha
08.04.2013 Egyptian Agricultural Commodities Market
05.04.2013 Ukraine and Global Food Security
Black Sea Grain