ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental
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April 17-18, 2013 InterContinental Hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.


Topic of the Conference:


Black Sea Grain: Export Forever!


Blаck Sea Grain Conference - is an international platform providing participants with an opportunity to meet and review all the important global tendencies and the newest market drivers to improve and sharpen  their business strategies in the fast changing world.

Blаck Sea Grain Conference  -  is a large forum for participants of Black Sea grain and oilseeds markets.

Aim of the Conference:

The grain and oil crops market volatility will likely even to broaden in the nearest years bringing new challenges to farmers, traders, investors.

The global food security is influenced considerably both by grain production/climate and by the agrarian and export policies followed by the national governments. Arbitrary use of export restraints and bans promote lower confidence of the food importing countries in the global trading system as a guarantee of food security.

Poor weather in the Black Sea region could be combined with droughts in other parts of the world similar to 2012 situation aggravating the supply deficit in the world markets.

Though Black Sea region was hit by drought 2 times (2010 and 2012) for the last 4 years and local government took restrictive measures, its total grain exports do not decline below 22-25 Ml t playing considerable role in the ensuring the global food security and preventing the food prices from even broader volatility.

Thus, the aim of the 10th International Conference "Black Sea Grain" is to discuss the role of Black Sea region's ag exports which is contributing greatly to the world's food commodity markets and food security.
The Black Sea Conference will address the following hot topics:

  • Black Sea region: Summary of the 2012/13 grain and oil crops season. The 2013 grain and oil crops production forecast (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan).
  • The years of 2013-2014: Weather market? Political Market? Key factors of growing grain production in the Black Sea region
  • Adjustment of crop structure and crop rotation under pressure of climate change and margin drivers
  • Flip flop grain export from the Black Sea region. How to feed the world?
  • New strategies for crushing industry under conditions of sunflower/soy supply deficit against the crushing capacities
  • Currency wars and broadening investments in the farming sector – are they new fundamentals for the global food commodities market?
  • Asian demand – key factor determining trends of agriculture sector development
  • Black Sea agriculture after decades of under investments: returns, risk management, challenges. Growing market capitalization of Ukrainian large scale farms  
  • Land lease vs. Land ownership. The latest news from Ukraine.
  • How adequate is Black Sea grain market logistics against the challenge of 60-80 Ml t grain export?     


Х International Conference “Black Sea Grain: Export Forever!”  was visited by:

International Conference “BlackSeaGrain”


History: The Black Sea Grain — 2012 Conference was attended by over 750 trade and agricultural representatives. Leading exporters, grain buyers, agro-holdings, banks and insurance companies traditionally participate in the Conference. Ukrainian and foreign companies from 52 countries expressed their interest in the Conference in 2012. Networking enabled participants to significantly widen their contacts and partnerships, and exchange views on key market trends.

In the previous years the Black Sea Grain Conference was sponsored by the following companies:

Glencore/Serna, Bunge Limited, Alfred C. Toepfer International, Cargill, Inc., NWG, Allseeds Group, CHS, Nibulon, Silo Bag, ING Bank, Credit Agricole CIB, Finansbank (Holland) N.V, Forum Bank, ASOS GRAIN, Zerno Trade, Filhet Allard Maritime, Romspeed SRL Romania, NYSE Liffe, CME Group, WJ, Viterra, Noble Group, INTL FC Stone, Inspectorate, OR SAN Group, SGS.


Black Sea Grain