ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental


April 9, 2008

2.00 – 5.00 p.m. – Registration, Hyatt Regency Hotel (5*)

3.00 – 5.00 p.m. - round table on Perspectives of Land market developments in Ukraine and Russia

6.00 p.m. Welcoming Cocktail hosted by Glencore and Serna


April 10, 2008

9.15 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. – Conference Day




SESSION 1: Black Sea Grain: new highs and opportunities 

Ø       Volatility and the Challenges Ahead in the Golden Age of  Agriculture

Dan Basse, Ag Resource, USA

Ø       Ukraine’s Returning to the Grain and Oilseeds Market in the 2008/09 season

Sergey Feofilov, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

Ø       Russia and Kazakhstan: Enjoying the Markets in 2007-2009

Dmitry Rylko, IKAR, Russia

Ø       CAP Evolution and Instruments in Changing World Markets

Giampiero Genovese, European Commission, Belgium

Ø       Australia: Export Developments and Marketing Priorities

Nick Poutney, Australian Wheat Board, Geneva, Switzerland

SESSION 2: Looking for a balance between biofuel production and food security   

Ø       Food Price led Inflation

Mateusz Szczurek, ING Bank, Poland

Ø       Black Sea Region: the key player in the world vegetable oils market

Vadim Miroshnichenko, Cargill, Ukraine

Ø       The latest trends in EU grain and bio-ethanol markets

Oliver Balkhausen, F.O.Licht, Germany

Ø       Will Ukraine remain the largest world sunoil exporter?

Stepan Kapshuk, UkrOliya Association, Ukraine

Ø       Marine Cargo Insurance in the Black Sea region

Walle Romijn, Aon Commodity Trade, The Netherlands

Ø       Alternative oils: Linseed market potential in Ukraine and Russia

Johan De Coninck, Vandeputte, Belgium


April 10, 2008, 6.00 p.m. - Friendly Dinner hosted by ING Wholesale Banking, The Netherlands and UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

Black Sea Grain