ХІІІ International Conference “Black Sea Grain - 2016”
April 20-21, 2016, Kiev, InterContinental



Ivan Kirilenko, Vice-Premier Minister of Ukraine

Forecast of the 2004 grain crop in Ukraine and other Black Sea countries

Sergey Feofilov, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine

Prospects of Russian grain market in the 2004/05

Dmitry Rylko, IKAR, Russia

Co-presentation: Forecast of grain crop in Russia and Kazakhstan. Their export potential in 2004/05

Andrey Sizov, Sovecon, Russia

Current trends and prospects for grain and flour market in Kazakhstan

Yevgeniy Gan, Union of millers and bakers, Kazakhstan

The EC: grain crop in the 2004. Prospects of the grain exports in the 2004/05

Xavier Rousselin, ONIC, France

US wheat and corn in the world market in the 2004/05 season

Vincent Peterson, US Wheat Associates

Prospects of the Black Sea grain in the North African Market, 2004-2007

Wayne Bacon, Egypt

Warehouse receipts in the CIS and other countries

Victor Andrievskiy, EBRD supported project, Ukraine

Export risks after approval of new Customs and Civil Codes in Ukraine

Yuriy Vakhel, AmCham/Cargill, Ukraine

Grain tranzit – logistics and infrastructure, forecast of ports loading capacities

Tatiana Braginets, UkrAgroConsult, Ukraine




Black Sea Grain